Midland Golf Union

2021 Midland Mid Amateur Open Championship (FINAL)

Thursday 20th May 2021, White Tees, Coventry

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Ross Christopher Overton Sherwood Forest Golf Club (-3)6976145-1
2nd Craig Toyne Blankney Golf Club (-2)7575150+4
2nd Peter Finch Ashton-in-Makerfield (-2)7278150+4
4th JAY SHERIDAN Lutterworth Golf Club (4)7576151+5
4th Rob MAXFIELD Wolstanton (-5)7576151+5
6th Andrew Keith Truby Handsworth (5)7875153+7
6th Paul McMullen Frilford Heath Golf Club (1)7578153+7
8th Matthew Dale Whittington Heath (-1)7777154+8
9th Stephen Creed Stratford-on-Avon (-3)8075155+9
9th Kevin Parkes Lindrick Golf Club (1)7679155+9
9th Adam Norman Moseley (-2)7679155+9
12th Paul Wharton Woodhall Spa (-3)8076156+10
12th Stephen Dines Lincoln Golf Club (0)7779156+10
14th Elliot Shaw Cardiff (-2)8275157+11
14th john fairbrother Cosby Golf Club (-2)8176157+11
14th Jonathan Devereux Herefordshire Golf Club (-2)7978157+11
14th James Platford Burghill Valley Golf Club (0)7978157+11
14th Karl SMITH Handsworth (0)7879157+11
14th Oli Willson Rothley Park Golf Club (-1)7780157+11
20th Darren ROBISON Cirencester Golf Club (3)8177158+12
20th Matthew Harrison Burghill Valley Golf Club (-1)7979158+12
20th Richard Bush Coventry Golf Club (1)7583158+12
20th Phil Hubball Whittington Heath (0)7286158+12
24th Chris Heeley Moseley (-2)7881159+13
24th adrian marshall Herefordshire Golf Club (0)7584159+13
26th Carl Bartle Lincoln Golf Club (2)8377160+14
26th Richard Warburton Puttenham (2)8080160+14
26th Joe Smith Wyke Green (3)7981160+14
26th Scott Armitage John O'Gaunt Golf Club (-1)7882160+14
30th Joe Wildblood Shrewsbury Golf Club (8)8180161+15
30th Steven Watton Churchill & Blakedown (-1)7982161+15
30th Stu Bennett Enville Golf Club (3)7883161+15
30th Richard SADLER Moseley (-4)7883161+15
30th Nathan Holt Peterborough Milton (4)7883161+15
30th Mark Dunkley Moseley (-1)7685161+15
36th Sam Foster Coventry Hearsall (-1)8082162+16
37th Ian Wicks Centurion Club Golf Club (0)8281163+17
37th Matt Smith Staverton Park (6)8281163+17
37th David John Waldron Churchill & Blakedown (7)8182163+17
40th Andrew Carman Coventry Golf Club (1)8381164+18
41st Tom Flack Stratford Oaks (1)8580165+19
41st Lee Shimwell Enville Golf Club (4)8382165+19
41st James MacLachlan Hollinwell (0)8184165+19
41st Jason Allies The Worcestershire Golf Club (0)7986165+19
45th Bruce MacFARLANE Belton Park Golf Club (2)8581166+20
45th Ross Drummond Frilford Heath Golf Club (4)8185166+20
45th Jonathan Perry Luffenham Heath Golf Club (2)7888166+20
48th Michael GREEN Belton Park Golf Club (3)7988167+21
49th Andy Cook Hollinwell (0)8385168+22
49th Martin McCallum Coventry Hearsall (3)8385168+22
51st Kerr Drummond The Warwickshire (1)8586171+25
51st Adam Cook Olton Golf Club (4)8190171+25
53rd Gregory KILBEY Coventry Golf Club (7)8587172+26
53rd Grahame Castle Northampton Golf Club (6)8488172+26
55th John Wood Bourn (8)8786173+27
55th Jason White Beau Desert Golf Club (7)8489173+27
55th john langley Cosby Golf Club (7)8390173+27
58th Mark Bisset Cirencester Golf Club (8)8886174+28
59th Simon Parsons Coventry Golf Club (9)8788175+29
59th Ian Pitts Lewes (7)8392175+29
61st Nicholas Brown Cirencester Golf Club (5)8791178+32
62nd Benjamin Woodall Churchill & Blakedown (7)9091181+35
63rd Jonathan Day Enville Golf Club (7)8897185+39
64th Lee Whittall The South Staffordshire Golf Club (4)80NR  
65th David L Wheatley Luffenham Heath Golf Club (6)90NR  
66th Spencer Burlingham Saffron Walden Golf Club (3)82DQ  
67th Timothy Saunders Holywell (-1)78WD  

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