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2021 Midland Senior Amateur Championship (RD1) Rules

1. Entrants must have attained the age of 55 years on or before the day of the Championship. Hold a WHS handicap and the limit will be 8.4 for Age Group 55-59; 9.4 for 60-64; 11.4 for 65-69; 12.4 for 70-74; and 15.4 for age 75 and over.
2. All players must be member of a golf club affiliated to a Midland County Golf Union.
3. Entries will be restricted to 120 players. In the event of there being an excess of entries, we reserve the right to ballot the higher handicaps in the various groups. If the level of entries falls below 120 then the Committee reserve the right to amend the competition prize fund accordingly.
4. Starting times will allocated at random but consideration will be given for later starting times when travelling a long distance.
5. The entry fee will be £45.00 for the Senior Amateur 36-hole Championship and £35.00 for Senior Summer 18-hole Tournament and £10.00 for a Club team entry.
6. The Midland Senior Amateur Championship will be over 36 holes (18 holes on 14th July and 18 holes on 15th July) with the best gross score over 36-holes being the Midland Senior Champion.
7. The Midland Senior Summer Tournament will be over 18 holes (15th July) with be the best gross score over 18 holes being the Midland Summer Tournament Champion. Those entering the Midland Senior Amateur Championship will automatically be entered into the Summer Tournament.
8. There will be a team event comprising of two members of the same Club; the best aggregate gross score over 18 holes on 15th July 2021.
9. There will be a number of nett prizes decided in the day.
10. A competitor will not be allowed to win more than one prize for the individual competition.
11. The main prizes will be decided by gross scores as to the first four for the Championship, and four groups.
12. A tie for first place in the championship (36-holes) will be decided by a play-off at the Committee’s discretion, ties for all other places will be decided by the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 holes.
13. A competitor must conform to the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status as defined by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.
14. The R&A approved list of conforming balls will apply. The R&A ruling on driving clubs from 1st Jan 2005 will apply.
15. Entries can be made ‘online’ or by post.
16. Entries by post are to be made on the Official Entry Form and must be accompanied by the Entry Fee of £45.00 for the Senior Amateur Championship and £35.00 for the Senior Summer Tournament and must be in the possession of the Administrator (see below) no later than the closing date. Late or incomplete entry forms or entries without the entry fee, will not be accepted.
17. The ‘starting sheet’ will be posted on the MGU website, and emailed to entrants. If you require a hard copy, please include a SAE with your postal entry.
18. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason.
19. All disputes will be decided by the Administrators whose decision will be final.
20. Undue delay under Rule 5.6a will be penalised.
21. In the event of a player having to scratch after the closing date, the entry fee will not be refunded.
22. DMD’s that measure ‘distance only’ are allowed.
23. Mobile Phones (including pagers and similar devices): May not be used on the course (including on practice days) by players or caddies for making/sending or receiving calls or texts except in an emergency.
24. Neither the Host Club nor the Midland Golf Union can accept any responsibility for theft and accidents, and competitors
must have their own insurance cover.
25. Competitors must protect themselves in Health and Safety matters, especially should there be a danger from lightning when play must stop immediately and not be resumed until danger has passed. Also, if there is a long blast of a klaxon, play must again stop immediately, and not be resumed until two short blasts, repeated, are heard.
26. The use of buggies is prohibited unless supported by a medical certificate. There will be no exceptions to this requirement. In the event of the host club imposing a buggy ban (due to adverse ground conditions or to satisfy a Health & Safety requirement) a refund of the entry fee will apply.
27. Competitors must conform with the Rules and Regulations of the Host Club and conditions stated on the Starting Times list.
28. A Practice Round will be available, and details will be sent to all competitors prior to the event.
29. The Midland Senior Amateur Closed Championship will qualify for English Senior Order of Merit points

The contact for this competition is Neil HARRIS (07906 156701)

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